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Hsm, High Speed Motor Hsm, High Speed Motor Hsm, High Speed Motor

The main features:

  • 18 staged speed adjustment option for min. 5.000 rpm – max. 90.000 rpm on the power console

  • Irrigation on-off button and irrigation speed adjustment function on the power console

  • Autoclavable and thin connection hose

  • Multifunctional foot pedal that enables to operate - stop the irrigation and control the motor working direction and speed

  • Perforator attachment and three different trepan blades

  • Dura-stop mechanism

  • Craniotome attachment in there different dimensions (pediatry – adult – laminectomy)

  • Angular, straight, curved and metal cutter attachments

  • Diamond, rosen and tungsten carbide burrs

  • Three different neuro bits in three different diameters.