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As Aygün Surgical Instruments Co. Inc., we aim to act towards legal requirements with Integrated Management System we constituted in accordance with our vision, mission, principles and values, to keep the confidence of our customers and to make contribution to the development via sustainable progress.

We have established and been applying an integrated management system on the issues of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety which is suitable for a target-oriented administrative mentality, risks and the environmental effects of our activities, to prevent from pollution, physical injury and impairment of health.

Depending on this integrated system;

 In the light of Quality Policy;

  • We aim to present our products by means of our fast and reliable service, to protect the environment, to be one of the leader foundations in our sector by enhancing our system via using our sources such as experienced work power, technological substructure and material efficiently and effectively
  • To constitute management systems ensuring the development in accordance with policies, principles and targets of Aygün
  • To enhance customer satisfaction by applying a management system which is able to maintain all the processes beginning from customer demands and market research to design, production and after sales support

In the light of Environmental Policy;

  • We aim to protect natural sources and use in the most efficient way
  • To obey the national and international legal regulations and obligations which are legally-binding about environment in the geographical region that we operate
  • To pay attention to environmental factors during evaluation of manufacturing and operation processes by researching new technologies
  • To make contribution to continuous development by creating Environmental objectives and targets

In the light of Occupational Health and Safety Policy;

  • We aim to prevent from industrial injuries and diseases in order to ensure a healthy and safe working environment.
  • To take precautions about the failing issues by reviewing the working conditions frequently and resource these precautions and to constitute an occupational principle by revising the policy according to the changing conditions
  • We engage to work under the guidance of these policy titles and to reserve enough source for these objects