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As Aygün Surgical Instruments Co., Inc., We are proud of being the first and only manufacturer in Turkey, performing surgical motor system production in accordance with European Standards. We make production in a wide product range from neurosurgery and spinal surgery to Cardio Vascular Surgery, orthopaedics, plastic surgery, Hand, Foot and Maxillofacial surgery in this field. The systems we manufacture varies by the system demands of hospitals as mechanical power transmission, pneumatic, electrical and battery operated

Our various motor systems appealing to different objectives are below;

  1. Karinca 206
  2. Praxis 2
  3. Praxis 3
  4. Compact 2
  5. 90.000 High Speed Motor
  6. 40.000 High Speed Motor
  7. Bes - Dermatome
  8. Skin Graft Mesher
  9. Electro Pneumatic System
  10. Macro Compact
  11. Mini Compact
  12. Nap
  13. Standard macro
  14. Standard Micro
  15. Mini Power System
  16. Power Sources
  17. Mobil Stator

All our surgical motor systems are under warranty of our company for 2 years.

As an addition to this, we ensure spare parts for 10 years.

Repair and Maintenance procedures are completed in one week no matter wherever in the world.